Unwavering commitment and consistent execution of our core strategy has allowed us to build exceptional companies.
We concentrate on partnering with solid, well-run companies in dynamic markets. We seek to identify established businesses with potential for even greater success. These companies typically possess one or more of the following attributes: a unique competitive capability or quality, leadership in a niche or protected market, or participation in a fragmented or high-growth market. Our experience suggests that accelerated growth is possible through enhanced resources, complementary acquisitions and additional capital.

We have experience in a variety of private investment transactions across a broad range of commercial and government markets. Each of our past investments has occurred in connection with a management-supported buyout. Aligning our interests with management is a vital component of our investment philosophy.

Targeted investments typically include companies with annual revenues from $15 million to $100 million.
  What we look for:

Highly fragmented markets with attractive growth and consolidation prospects

Leaders in niche or protected markets

Experienced management teams

Unique competitive capabilities or qualities

Recurring revenue stream with solid customer base