Case Studies

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Capita Technologies

Headquarters: Irvine, CA
Business: Consulting and Information Technology
Acquired: 1997
Realization: June 2000
We provide vision and creative know-how to exploit new business opportunities.

The Company
Capita was a leading provider of consulting services, IT strategy and computer system solutions, designing and implementing web-focused custom software solutions for business.

Investment Idea
Early use of the internet in business was creating the need for a new type of strategic consulting firm. Combining traditional business consulting with Capita’s technological capability in designing custom software would allow us to take advantage of this promising business opportunity.

Realizing a Vision
Rapidly expanding use of the internet was increasing the importance of technology-enabled services and software solutions for business. While Capita possessed high-level IT/programming skills, it lacked traditional business consulting capabilities. We saw an attractive opportunity to merge both skill sets into one integrated business that would serve as a consulting prototype. Building on Capita’s existing business, we added competencies in marketing, business management and computer monitoring through strategic acquisitions.

By combining Capita’s computer programming savvy with traditional business consulting, we helped the company become a provider of customized solutions for the internet needs of various business clients. From creating and implementing business-to-business links allowing companies to link directly to suppliers, to the creation of a television network management system connecting the vast Fox television network, Capita provided services that companies were just beginning to realize they needed.

We provided the vision to create a business that combined computer programming with traditional business consulting, and worked with management to help Capita “surf the wave” of the internet. Capita was acquired by a publicly-traded company in June, 2000.
“We knew we had something special in our technology, but integrating technology with business consulting in the early stages of the internet was a radical concept. In the era, SE Capital brought the vision to add a business management consulting component to our technological expertise, enabling us to take advantage of a rapidly emerging market.”

Charles Granville,
Executive Vice President,
Capita Technologies